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Top Facts Worth Knowing About At-Home Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is a skin rejuvenation procedure, which was once restricted to posh skincare clinics. Not anymore. Today, you can try at-home chemical peels, which are extremely effective. People are often surprised to know that some of these peels are actually better and gentler than physical scrubs. Most peels are a form of syra behandling. Before you get cautious with using an acid on your face, let’s discuss more on what chemical peels are all about.

Not all chemical peels are same

Yes, that’s right. Not all chemical peels are same. In terms of the acids these products contain, most can be categorized as superficial, medium and deep. At-home chemical peels are usually superficial ones, which only work on the top layer of the skin. These typically contain a mix of acids, especially AHAs and BHAs. AHAs and BHAs are known for improving skin tone, enhancing brightness and boosting the production of collagen. AHAs are naturally occurring acids that are found in many foods. Glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid are types of AHAs.

A lot of prep is not needed

All you need is cleansed face. Use a gentle cleanser to cleanse your face thoroughly, and if possible, go for a cleansing balm. Once your face is clean, pat try, and you are ready to use the chemical peel. Note that all chemical peels are meant to be used after a patch test. You should also read the label to know more on the kind of acids included, and make sure that you don’t aim for a high percentage of acids right away.

Buy online for best deals

If you want to find the best deals on chemical peels, just check online stores. Note that your skin may not react the same way to all products, which is precisely why the brand matters so much. Always use chemical peels carefully as instructed, ideally not for more than 10 minutes.

Take care of your skin

Check for SPF creams, which must be used immediately after using a chemical peel. Keep in mind that your skin is more sensitive after peeling, and exposure to sun can cause damage, which may not be visible to naked eyes. Don’t use any harsh products on your skin, and ensure that you are using safe and gentle creams only, especially for the next 72 hours after using a chemical peel.

Try chemical exfoliation today for getting rejuvenated skin.

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