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Some Of The Southeast Asian Countries To Buy Exquisite Silver Jewellery

You can buy some exquisite silver jewellery throughout Asia, and many skilled artisans are creating handmade jewellery that is sold worldwide. If you are planning a trip to Asia soon and are interested in purchasing some beautiful silver jewellery, there are many options of countries you can visit. Below are some of the best countries to visit for high-quality handmade silver jewellery that you may want to visit on your travels.


Indonesia is a beautiful country that is highly popular with tourists, especially those looking to surf. There is also high-quality jewellery available that is much more affordable than in many western countries. Bali silver jewelry  is highly popular with many tourists, and many take home exquisite handmade silver jewellery.


Thailand is also highly popular and a primary global trading centre for finished jewellery, which means many options are available. Many skilled artisans in Thailand make beautiful jewellery that is exported to many countries. You may want to time your visit to attend the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, held twice a year, in February and September. You can pick up some excellent bargains when shopping for jewellery in Bangkok and also have a fantastic holiday in the Land of Smiles.


China has a massive jewellery market, and there are plenty of manufacturers of silver jewellery in the country. You will need to look for skilled artisans and avoid the mass-produced offerings you find made by machines. You will need to look for a traditional Chinese jeweller who uses skills passed down over generations to make beautiful handmade jewellery. China is a vast country, and you can find these skilled jewellers throughout the country.


India is another country that has a rich tradition of jewellery making, and you can find some exquisite examples when you shop for silver jewellery in this fascinating country. Jewellery is a fast-growing sector in the Indian economy and accounts for around 7% of its gross income. You can find highly elaborate jewellery designs made by master craftspeople to the highest standard and at significantly lower prices than you may expect.

These are some of the best options in Asia when you are looking to buy fantastic silver jewellery, and you will find lots of styles and designs from which you can choose. You can also have something custom-made for you if you prefer, so you can get precisely what you want. When you buy multiple items, do not forget to haggle on the price, and you can get some fantastic bargains.

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