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Skater dress: what shoes to wear with?

The skater dress is flared at the hips and it twirls at the thighs. The goal is to sheathe the bust. It is a garment that is both classy and trendy that deserves to be worn with beautiful pairs of shoes.

If you have a V-shaped morphology prefer dresses that highlight your legs and rebalance your figure, such as the skater dress with its flared bottom or the peplum dress that slims the waist and accentuates the hips.

Or a slit dress to reveal your legs. Slightly dropped sleeves on the shoulders allow them to be slimmed down. If you are going for a two-tone dress, the darker color should be on the top of the dress. What should you wear with this type of dress?

Opt for the Spartans

You should know that the Spartan is the summer sandal that marked the ancient genesis. This sandal that has a lot of allure is making a comeback to dress up wardrobes.

It goes perfectly with the skater dress in summer and is marked by class. This type of shoe is extremely stylish and suitable for all tastes, but above all it is perfect worn with a skater dress. The Spartan is available in various variations.

Heeled models are for women of character who like to look sexy without showing off vulgarity. A fairly short skater dress can, for its part, be accompanied by lace-up gladiator cheap sandals for an outing in the city or to the beach.

Something to look charming and trendy at the same time.

Pumps and skater dress

For an outfit full of personality and character, why not wear her beautiful skater dress with pretty suede pumps? The whole thing is matched with a pretty beige leather jacket.

The final look will be like that of a pretty doll parading on the red carpet. The skater dress perfectly shapes the silhouette while the high heels of the pumps allow you to have a goddess look.

The whole thing makes it possible to appear tall, slim and slender, which will certainly make top models green with envy.

The combination of cheap sandals and skater dress is a truly glamorous outfit that all women will love to wear.

Turn to wedge shoes

Wedge shoes go perfectly with the skater dresses offered by Berrylook. For those who are not fans of heel height, this pair of shoes is highly recommended to stay full of grace and charm in her little dress.

The heel and sole form a single block and the whole offers an extreme feeling of stability making walking pleasant and light. Paired with a skater dress, these shoes shape the leg while lengthening the silhouette.

The set offers a stylish and sophisticated look worthy of young women who follow all current trends very closely.

The ballerina and the skater dress

If there is one other pair of shoes that can go with the skater dress, it is the ballerina. These are beautiful, comfortable shoes that add real value to every outfit. For a skater dress, these shoes are excellent as long as you have a slender figure.

Indeed, ballerinas are not compatible with a silhouette that fits. To be even trendier, it is recommended to favor ballerinas with a pointed toe, you can find all this on the website of Berrylook.

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