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Rave clothing ideas for women


Today, most of the youngsters love to go to rave parties to have a whale of a time with their friends and peers. These parties are great places where men and women can wear what they like and dance like there is no tomorrow. Women, in particular, have a lot to look forward to, in these rave parties, because they have many rave clothing options to pick from.

What is the dress code for a rave party for women?

Well, here is the interesting part! There is no dress code at all for rave parties. You can wear whatever you want as long as it is not too formal. This is the time for you to experiment with your rave clothing ideas as you mix and match stuff from your wardrobe.

You can wear simple street clothing to glossy fashion wear. Some women tend to go too bold by wearing plunge bras or short crop tops with neon-colored pants or shoes to the parties. Some also wear clothes full of LED lights that make them glow when they are on the dance floor. The best part about rave clothing is that there is no rule and nobody judges the other at rave parties.

What are some points you need to remember when you choose dresses for your first rave party?

It is quite natural for you to feel nervous when you have to go to your first rave party. Don’t worry at all, because rave clothing is all about expressing yourself to others and dancing for long hours without a care in the world.  However, it would be great if you could follow some of these tips to shine at your rave party:

  • Never choose formal clothes or clothes that make you look dull.
  • Let your imagination run as wild as it can, when you choose funky and glossy outfits for the party. Stick to breathable fabrics, irrespective of the design you choose.
  • You can choose to dress up as any fashion or cartoon character by giving your own twist to the style.
  • Never wear heels because you may end up hurting your legs when you dance for a long time with those.
  • Even if you choose simple street-style clothing, always ensure that you pair it up with some funky accessories such as bandanas, facemasks, sunglasses, beaded bracelets, glossy neckpieces, reflective gear and some neon-colored accessories. These rave accessories are not only popular across the world, but they are quite affordable as well.

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