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Is micellar shampoo just a fad?

Since micellar water was invented in 1991, it has taken the beauty industry by storm. The number of cleansing and makeup-removing products that make use of its gentle cleaning properties has boomed, but those clever folk who make beauty products haven’t stopped there. Next up is micellar shampoo. Have you discovered it yet? If not, read on to find out what you’re missing.

What is micellar shampoo?

Micellar shampoo is, as the name indicates, based on micellar water. That means it’s full of tiny molecules – called micelles – that trap impurities and oil, removing them gently from your scalp and hair. The micelles do so by clinging to the dirt and oil. Then, when you rinse your hair, the micelles take the dirt and other impurities with them as they wash out.

How is it different to normal shampoo?

The most obvious difference you’ll notice between micellar shampoo and regular shampoo is how runny the micellar shampoo is. As it’s based on micellar water, the consistence is (predictably enough) rather watery. It can feel quite strange to use at first, after years of ingrained thinking that a thick, creamy formula is required for a decent hair-cleansing experience!

Micellar shampoo is also a very natural product, though some brands still contain sulfates. The largely natural ingredients mean that this is a gentle way to wash your hair, which makes micellar shampoo suitable for frequent use.

Does it cost a lot to buy?

Price is always a consideration, but particularly so during these times of upwardly spirally living costs. A recent survey by All Things Hair, for example, found that cost was the main factor holding people back from pursuing a more sustainable hair routine.

Many consumers have held back from trialling micellar shampoo for the same reason, but as the range of such products on the market increases, greater affordability is encouraging people to try out the micellar experience for the first time. Micellar shampoo now competes with other kinds on price, meaning the market is open to the masses.

Is micellar shampoo good for your hair?

Micellar shampoo is a clarifying product that can remove dirt from your hair. That dirt can include dead skin cells, sebum, sweat and styling product residue. By gently cleansing all of these out of the hair, the micellar shampoo can leave it feeling softer and shinier.

Micellar shampoo can also be good for the scalp, as it gently removes pollutants and irritants that could make it dry and itchy.

So, is micellar shampoo just a fad? Far from it. The fact that it’s a very natural form of shampoo fits well with the beauty industry’s aim for products to be more sustainable, which is a positive indicator for micellar shampoo’s long-term future. Meanwhile, from a consumer perspective, it provides gentle cleansing that leaves hair shiny and soft. It’s the perfect all-rounder.

Clearly, micellar shampoo is here to stay!

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