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High-Roller Style: 3 Things Women Can Learn From Poker Fashion

When people think of poker fashion, we often imagine glamorous dresses and high-end tuxes. For women, the sleek and elegant dresses worn by the Bond Girls may epitomize upscale poker fashion. Some of the most notable outfits on Bond Girls as they prowl casinos are Carey Lowell’s sequence halter dress, Talisa Soto’s red lace bodycon, and Berenice Marlohe’s bustier gown.

Aside from the alluring gowns, another reason many women adore casino fashion is that they are elegant without being too over-the-top. Here are a few other lessons you can learn from poker looks:

Stick to the classics like Liv Boeree

One way to always look your best is to find timeless pieces that are timeless. Since poker goes back decades, it’s no secret that people who play it stick to the classic looks too. You have to look no further than poker champion Live Boeree for inspiration. Though vintage fashion trends have evolved, there are still certain styles that have stood the test of time or have made an impressive comeback, such as shoulder pads and bold patterns.

You could take a page from Liv Boeree’s book when she wore an elegant low-cut dress to the premiere of World War Z in 2013. A head-to-toe black ensemble never goes out of style so it will always be a good choice. Boeree has since made waves in the industry, bringing timeless fashion into the game’s serious world. You can try wearing a little black dress for formal events or basics for day-to-day activities. Another way Boeree displays her love for classics can be seen during her matches when she wears simple tank tops and denim. It can help you seamlessly transition from casual wear to something more proper depending on how you accessorize. This makes for a classy outfit reminiscent of what you might see people wearing while playing a night of poker with high-rollers.

Be confident like Annette Obrestadt

Poker is a game of confidence. However, as this guide to the rules of poker outlines, new players need to work on their assertiveness. In Texas Hold’em, for instance, players have to make the best five-card hand using a combination of two hole cards and five community cards — but winning the pot often involves intimidating your opponents to fold their hand. If you exude enough confidence, other players may fold even if you are bluffing.

Intimidation is all about how you carry yourself, so it is important for you to dress in a way that makes you feel the most confident. No one does it better than Norwegian poker player Annette Obrestadt. She is known for sporting bright hair colors, like red and green, to different championship games. Not everyone will have the confidence to wear fashion dye to serious games but Oberstadt does so confidently, making her a player to not underestimate. If you find a piece that you believe looks great on you, then wear it proudly. If there is one thing to learn from poker fashion and the game as a whole, confidence is key when it comes to letting people know you mean business and that you should not be messed with.

Dress for the occasion like Vivian Saliba

Another great lesson people can learn from poker fashion is to dress according to the occasion. The reason high-rollers dress in such luxurious clothing is that it is appropriate for the setting and their activity. It isn’t ideal to go to a weekend brunch with friends over-dressed or to a wedding wearing something casual. You can see this in many female poker players who prefer to dress more relaxed during championship games. For example, Vivian Saliba is known for being able to pull off classy gowns but she opts to dress in a simple sweater and jeans outfit during her matches.

Different occasions often call for specific kinds of outfits. If you are simply spending the day running errands, you can never go wrong with a pair of denim jeans and a white top. It is classy and put together without being over-the-top. If you are attending a formal event, try wearing a cocktail dress for a morning occasion or a floor-length one for an evening occasion. Take inspiration from Saliba who can mix function and fashion together without overdoing her outfits.

Poker may seem like the last place to pick up fashion advice, but you can learn a lot from observing poker players’ outfit choices.

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