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Fashion tips for styling a black wool coat for women in 2021

With lots of new trends every season, it can be quite hard to keep up. Regardless of how much you follow fashion, getting new ideas for outfits can always be appreciated. And when it comes to wearing something classic like a black wool coat, there are seemingly endless options and combinations to wear. But what does 2021 have in store, and what trends can you take advantage of to style a short or long black wool coat?

Black combat boots or glossy shoes with heels

If you were to browse styling ideas on Pinterest, scroll past fashion gurus on Instagram or scout fashion magazines like Vogue, it’s highly likely that your eyes will catch the footwear of most women in these photos.

Combat boots have recently made a comeback, and you can find them in almost all fashion magazines and outfit guides since 2018. They have become the smart choice for a woman who likes to combine style with function.

On the other hand, you have gloss ankle boots, usually with heels. This type of footwear goes great with a long black wool coat that’s also decorated with faux fur. This combo will make you look elegant, feminine and chic.

All black with a colourful handbag

Is black your happy colour? If so, don’t overlook the possibility to style almost your entire outfit with only this colour. A long belted black coat can be worn with a beret-styled hat and high or low boots. Don’t forget that you can properly style many different skirts, suits and dresses to go with this outfit.

However, you can add a colourful and vivid accessory to round out the look. Something like a colourful handbag or a scarf, hoop earrings or trendy sunglasses can really round out your look.

Blue jeans

Jeans are a safe bet. You can always find a pair of denim pants that look great on you. Thus, it’s easy to style a look that doesn’t restrict you to a particular colour palette or limits your ability to mix and match. You can see many street fashion catalogues for 2021, filled with images of ladies who are wearing a black wool coat with jeans.

Both blue and black denim pants are in this year.

Ultimate head-turner – LBD & ladies black wool coat

Looking to make a fashion statement and look stunning? In 2021, the look that attracts the most Ooh’s and Aah’s is probably a combination of two timeless classics – buttoned up ladies’ black wool coats (short or medium-length) and the little black dress (LBD) worn underneath.

This allows you to radiate confidence because you know you’ll be looking great. There is a lot of options for footwear and plenty of accessories that go with it. Grab a black leather handbag and put on combat boots or style high heels with this outfit for a more formal look. It’s a very well-rounded outfit that allows you to look stunning.

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