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A Man’s Closet: Types of T-Shirts to Own!

Your personal style and preferences should rule your closet. While some men like to follow the trends, others prefer to have their own say in styling. No matter which group you belong to, you definitely need one thing in your wardrobe – t-shirts. There are practically endless designs and styles in t-shirts, and each one can be unique and styled in numerous ways. In recent years, brands such as have created a new niche, which is not just about style, but also about comfort. Their t-shirts are made from amazing materials, and each product is a testament of quality.

In this quick post, we are going to discuss the different types of t-shirts that every man needs to have in this closet.

Printed t-shirts

There is nothing more casual, fun and diverse than the printed t-shirt. You can have endless colors, designs, prints, slogans, and themes to choose from, and each one can be unique in its own ways. There are varied ways of styling printed t-shirts and tees too.

  • Team them with your regular pair of blue denims
  • Add a nice summer blazer
  • Complete the look with white sneakers
  • Wear your printed t-shirts with shorts
  • Add overcoat for the fall and winter
  • Or simply add on a denim jacket

Printed t-shirts in varied colors can be worn for all seven days of the week, and is easily the best pick from our list in this post. For the neck style, go for round-neck designs, which are more in vogue these days, but V-neck also works wonders for men who want to show off a bit of their chest or are on the heavier side.

Polo t-shirts

Talk of versatile t-shirts, and you have the classic Polo design, which works for a wide range of occasions. You can wear one to a formal event, reserve a simple pastel design for a date, or can even play golf! When it comes to polo t-shirts, you have to consider your body type, because this kind of design works best for men who have a leaner upper body. As the short sleeves hug around your arms, you can show off your muscles. For men who have tummy flab or don’t exercise often, you can give this category a miss.

Henley t-shirts

For the uninitiated, Henley t-shirts are much like polo t-shirts, except without the collar. In most designs, there may not be many buttons. Henley t-shirts work well when teamed with denims and chinos, and you can even wear one with khakis. The idea is to make the look more casual than polo tees. However, unlike printed tees, which work for most men, Henley t-shirts are best reserved for men with a more toned body. The patterns and shades can vary, but stripped and solid colors are your best bet.

Graphic t-shirt

Every man needs at least a couple of graphic t-shirts in his collection. These are versatile and stylish, and you can find endless designs. From use of images and patterns, to tees and t-shirts that have slogans, funny fonts, or simply a brand name, there are literally many options in most brands. As for the styling, you can team your graphic t-shirts with any kind of denims, but blue jeans and white sneakers work the best. Graphic prints need to be of good quality, so make sure that you shop from a brand that’s worth the name.

Pocket tees

The last one on this list is Pocket tees. These tees are usually designed in single monotone colors, or stripes, and as the name suggests, there is a small pocket on the t-shirt, on the left side usually. The pocket doesn’t really any functionality to the design but can add some element of style to otherwise what can be called a plain t-shirt. You can team Pocket tees with denims, or even chinos. Complete the look with crocs or sneakers.

Final word

Now that you have figured out the basics, go ahead and check online for tees and t-shirts. Online stores often have the best discounts, offers, and deals, and you are more likely to find a wider range of designs to choose from. Since many of the retailing costs are done away with, the pricing is just right, and you can buy a new t-shirt almost every month. Make sure that you don’t ignore comfort for the sake of style, but t-shirts are often worn for long hours at a stretch. Make your shopping shortlist right away!

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