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A Gentleman’s Guide: Getting the First Tuxedo

Whether it’s a formal prom night, or your wedding, buying your first tuxedo has to be special. For many men, the whole concept of tuxedo is not very different from a regular suit, but there are differences hard to ignore. There are many tailoring shops for boys formal wear and tuxedos, but before you get one, here are some things to know.

The things in a tuxedo

There are a few things in a tuxedo that are a must, while others are more optional. The obvious thing in a tuxedo is the jacket, which will have stain lapels, something that sets it apart from the suit. Other musts include a white dress site, a bowtie/necktie, matching pants, and shoes. The optional pieces include the cummerbund, pocket square and suspenders.

The fit matters

This is the precise reason why you need to find a local tailoring shop that specializes in designing tuxedos. The fit of a good tuxedo can be judged from a distance, and you need one that has been tailored, just for you, regardless of your shape, size and other concerns. Make sure that you go for a fit that’s just right – not meant to be worn a decade from now. Tuxedos usually need to have a snug fit, and shouldn’t be too skinny.

Small details matter

When it comes to closure, a classic tuxedo will have just one button, or maybe two, if it is a double-breasted tuxedo. You will also have buttons on the sleeves, not less than three. As for the lapel, nothing matches a shawl lapel. For tuxedos, notched lapels are usually not recommended. For the shirt, pleated is what you see in most movies, but when you want to dress up and arrive in style, marcella shirts are also great. There is also the bowtie, which needs attention. Ideally, the silk of the bowtie should match the silk on the tux, but again, this is not always viable. Colors for bowties are acceptable, but there is no replacement for black, especially with the tux.

Reviewing the tuxedo pant

Some tuxedo pants do have a stripe of silk on the side, to match the tux, but it is not always the case, especially these days. Remember that a belt is strict ‘no’ with tuxedo pants, so you may need suspenders.

If you still have your doubts, find a reliable store near you and talk to their expert tailors in depth.

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